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the jackson´s pack subscription and art project

This is Chico.  He´s our first honorary art captain. 

It´s been sometime since beautiful Chico left us, but to his human compadre Greg its just like yesterday still.  And so it is for anyone who has known and loved and been loved by a precious little guy like Chico.  It´s in his honor, and in the honor of your lost dog, that Jackson presents the Pack of Jackson Art Club.  And anyone who creates a pledge to help us get to the finish line will be a piece of art created just for you like we are doing for Greg.   A film about Gregs art piece is in production.  We shall present it very soon.

As well, The Book of Jackson will be dedicating as many pages as we have submissions to fill them,  from everyone that would love to share a photograph of a dog they loved, of a dog who loved them, of your dog, who left this life too soon no matter how long they were here.  Our goal is to fill as many pages as we will need to, not just in the book but here on our site as well, and also in a film I am going to create at the end of this project.   For a 25 dollar subscription your dog will be included in our book and The Film of Jackson as well in the end credits.  You also get a full backstage pass to everything we are doing to help all of us get through the gnarly days of losing our best friend. 

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